Novelty Fabrics

Nancy's Paws For All, Too! offers a wide variety of novelty fabric collars for your pets, dogs and cats alike! All fabrics are 100 % premium quality cotton, washable and reinforced for durability.

Choose your fabric, size and style and email me to place your order!

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Beach/Nautical Theme

The Tahiti

This fabric collar is named after my favorite Inn in OCNJ, which also proudly displays palm trees in its decor!

Aqua Shells

A variety of realistic shells are sporadically placed on an aqua background! A great choice if you like the beach and shells

Sanibel Starfish

Beautiful starfish are randomly emphasised on a navy background. Named for the wonderful island of Sanibel, where i found this great fabric.

Wedgwood Shells

Natural looking shells are randomly placed on a wedgewood background. a great choice to customize with your favorite shore point.

Sea Turtles

Whether you are in Sea Isle City, NJ or in the Pocono Mountains these brown sea turtles are sure to catch your heart as they crawl across the aqua colored background.

Sail Away

This fabric collar makes you want to get up and sail away on these brightly colored sailboats on a royal blue background.


Seashells abound on this shore themed fabric collar. Can't you just her the waves in the background?


Listen close and you can hear the waves crashing against the shore as your furry friend wears this sky blue fabric collar scattered with seashells and sea grass.

Peacock Shells

Our Aqua Shells fabric collars display gold shells scattered on a bright peacock colored background.

White Flip Flops

The most popular accessory for your pet this summer is this styling collar with brightly colored flip flops and a white background.

Black Flip Flops

Brightly colored flip flops are tossed on a black background. Perfect for a trip to the beach or a cold winter's day dreaming of the summer to come!

Bright Shells

Packed brightly colored shells have a realistic look on this fabric! Makes you feel like you are shelling on Sanibel Island!

Teal & Coral Shells

Abstract shells in coral and peacock colors are emphasized on a teal background.

Under The Sea

Collars in this fabric will make you feel like you are snorkeling and enjoying the beautiful life under the sea.

Life Preservers

This is a perfect collar for the shore or around your pool as your furry friend shows its need for safety by wearing life preservers around its body!

Pool Tools

Are you ready for summer? Deck out your pets with this bright blue collar, featuring pool toys, as you lounge around your pool this summer!

Palm Trees & Pineapples

You will love the tropical feel of this fabric, with its palm trees and pineapples on a natural background.

Mr. Crabby

Red Crabs are scattered on a royal blue background.

Mini Cabs

Miniature crabs are floating on a sea of royal blue.


Lobsters float in a blue ocean, perfect for a trip to the shore!

Anchors Aweigh

Shades of blue anchors on navy and white squares.

Navy Anchors

Gold metallic anchors are scattered on a navy background.

Red Anchors

Navy anchors on a bright red background create a great collar for your trip to the shore.

Red Sailboats

Blue and white sailboats are scattered amongst anchors and wheels on a bright red background.

Primary Colored Shells

Be beach ready with these brightly colored scattered shells.

Mini Pink Flamingos

Do you like pink? then these mini pink flamingos on a pale pink background is your answer!

Flurry of Flamingos

Can you feel these flamingos moving on the marbled pink background.


Don't you just love these red, white and blue whales swimming on the navy sea???

Textured Pastel Shells

Pink, blue, navy and orange shells are outlined by white dots on this interesting shell fabric.

Green Anchors

Navy and light green anchors are scattered on a sage green background.

Navy & White Anchors

White anchors are all in line on this navy fabric.

Wedgewood Anchors & Ropes

Do get the nautical feeling like I do with these navy anchors and white ropes intertwined on a wedgewood background?

Red Patterned Anchors

Navy with light blue highlighted anchors are even spaced on a bright red background.

Mini Anchors on Red

Miniature white and navy anchors are scattered on a bright red background.

Mini Anchors on Navy

Miniature white and red anchors are scattered on a bright navy background.

Sailboats on White

Enjoy the greens, blues, yellows and red on these boats as they sail on a white background.

White Shell Silhouettes

White shell silhouettes are scattered on a bright navy background.

Sea Treasures

Fishes and wonders of the sea float on an ocean blue background.

Whimsical Ocean Treasures

Whimsical sea creatures in red, white and blue on a navy background.

Ahoy Matey

If pirates are your thing, this is the fabric for you!

Mosaic Sea Turtles

Beautiful sea turtles swim in a blue background.

Mini Palms and Flamingos

Mini pink flamingos are hiding behind the Mini palm trees on this beautiful aqua background.

Lobsters on Navy

Orange red mini lobsters are scattered on the navy background fabric.

Navy Anchors

Dog/Paws Theme

Black Bones

White bones and grey paws scattered all over a black background create a bad to the bone fabric collar.

Black Paws

Tan, grey and reddish brown paw prints on a black background make this fabric collar great for many color coats!

Blue Denim Paws

Brown paw prints walk all over this denim blue colored fabric collar.

Blue Woof

Red fire hydrants, dog dishes, bones, balls, paw prints and the word Woof! are randomly scattered on this pale blue fabric collar.

Brown Paws

Dark brown paw prints meander on a lighter brown background to create this popular fabric collar.

Collars and Leashes

Primary colored collars and leashes are tossed on a black background creating a fabric collar for any of your furry friends!

Good Dog Bones

Tan and brown bones are tossed on this brown background proclaiming how GOOD your DOG is!

One Happy Customer!!!!

Red Paws

Paw prints wander around aimlessly on this bright red fabric collar.

Tie Dye Paws & Bones

If you are into Tie Dye then this fabric collar is for you, with its white paws and bones scattered on a bight tie dye background!

Red Paisley Bones

White bones and paws help to create the white paisley print on this bright red background.

Pink Plaid Paws and Bones

Red plaid paws and bones are scattered on a pink background.

Bright Paws on White

Bright colored paws are scattered on a white background.

Primary Color Paws on Black

Red, yellow, & blue paws are scattered on a black background.

Textured Bright Paws on Black

Bright colored paws are scattered on a black background.

Paws On The Move

Mini paws in primary colors create rambling trails on a bright blue background.

White Paws on Black

MIni white paws are scattered on a black background

Star Studded Paws

Mini white stars and paws are randomly placed on a denim blue background.

Mini Rainbow Paws

Mini paw prints in rainbow colors are dominant on a black background.

Gold Paws on Black

Mini gold paws prints are randomly spaced on a black/grey background.

Bright Bones

Bright colors display various sizes of bones on a black background.

Black Bones on Navy

Black bones and mini paws are randomly scattered on a bright navy background.

Cream Bones on Tan

Small cream bones are scattered around mini brown paws prints on a tan background.

Rawhide Bones

Rawhide bones are a plenty on this cream colored background.

Black Herring"Bones"

Mini white bones create a herringbone pattern on a black background.

Stick Bones

Tan stick bones are scattered o a navy background

Bones and Paws Diagonal

Black Bones and Paw Prints create a diagonal stripe of gold, green and aqua.

Paw Plaid

This rust colored plaid check is highlighted with brown and cream stars and paws.

Green Woof

Whimsical paws and bones help to create this WOOF design on a green background.

Custom designed collars for these great danes!

Custom Wedding Attire

When you need specially sized collars, you become some of my best customers!!!

Animal Prints

Jungle Cat

Is your furry friend ready for this traditional animal print?

Pink Cheetah

A bright pink cheetah print fabric collar provides a stylish look for your pooch!

Pink Zebra

Whoever heard of a pink zebra stripe?

Purple Leopard

Your pups will be styling in this purple animal print.

Limited Quantities Available

Blue Zebra Stripe

If not a pink zebra, how about a blue zebra?

Blue Leopard

How about a blue leopard print?

Grey Cheetah

Maybe a grey cheetah????

Two more of my best happy campers!!!

Causes, Military & Patriotic

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbons

Show your support around your pet's neck with this pink and white check fabric collar boasting pink ribbons

Breast Cancer Love

This beautiful pink floral also supports Breast Cancer Awareness.

Autism Awareness

Our Autism Awareness fabric collar is full of brightly colored puzzle pieces on a heavy cotton fabric.

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbons in a martingale style

Blue Line

Support your local Police.

Red Line

Support your local Firefighters

Americana Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle pieces in camo and flag motifs are randomly placed on a rd background.


Green camouflage

US Marines



US Air Force

Old Glory

American Flags

Mini Gold Sparkling Flags

Red, White & Blue Stars

Novelty Prints

Black Blue Dot

Our Black Blue Dot fabric collar boats blue dots and geometric shapes on a black background.

Blue Daisy

White daisies with gold and white centers adorn this speckled blue fabric collar.

Blue Guitars

Can you hear the music with all these guitars on a navy background?

Blue Swirl

Pale blue geometric swirls on a marbled blue background are highlighted with yellow dots on this Blue Swirl fabric collar.

Quantities are limited


Playing cards are tossed on a black background creating this collar for your poker face pup!

Classic Large Floral

This classic style fabric collar boasts large florals in pinks, salmon and blue on a lime green background.

Cocktails/Happy Hour

It's 5 o'clock somewhere and your furry friend is ready to enjoy Happy Hour with these brightly colored cocktails on a black background!

Farmall Tractors

Farmall and International Harvester logos are tossed around on a red background creating a perfect gift for the farmer in your life!


Flames engulf this fabric collar on a black background giving your pet a hot look.

Green Blue Dot

Abstract dots in blue, white and green revolve around this bright green collar.

Green Butterfly

Pastel pink, yellow and lavender butterflies float around on this pastel green background collar.

Green Daisy

White daisies with pink and white centers adorn this bright green background on this fabric collar.

Green Batik Dots

Green mini dots randomly cover this bright green batik fabric collar.

.Green Paisley

Green and blue paisleys on this fabric collar create a classic look on this fabric collar.

Green Pinwheels

Dark green pinwheels on a bright green background give this fabric collar a spinning feeling!


Horseshoes are scattered all over this gold background fabric collar. Sure to please your equine lovers!

Hot Peppers

Red, green and yellow hot peppers are scattered on a green background making this a very hot collar!

Pink Ice Cream Cones

This miniature ice cream cones tossed on a pale pink background is perfect for a summer walk in the park.

International Harvester

Red tractors are scattered all over this red fabric, making it perfect for life on a farm!

John Deere Bandana

John Deere emblems are scattered on this John Deere green bandana print, creating a perfect collar for your furry friend!

Limited Availability

Lively Floral

This brightly colored large floral print is outlined in black on a white background.

Music Notes

Bright colored music notes swirling around on grey staffs on a black background, create a sweet music note fabric collar!

Orange Pinwheels

Orange sunburst pinwheels illuminate this fabric collar, perfect for bringing sunshine to your pet everyday!

Pink Butterfly

Pastel multicolored butterflies fluttering around a pale pink background create this fashionable fabric collar.

Limited Availability

Pink Daisies

White daisies bloom all over a medium pink background creating a fresh happy look for your furry friend!

Pink Floral Vine

If you like pink then this is the collar for you with its pale pink floral vines flowing on a bright pink background.

Pink Mini Stars

Multi primary colored min stars shine against a pink background on this heavenly collar!

LP Pink Floral

Abstract pink floral accents add a bit of drama to this pastel pink floral LP looking fabric.

Limited availability.

Pink Vine

You asked for pink, you got it in this hot pink vine fabric collar!

Pink Green Vera

If you like Vera, you will like this bright pink and green sparkling paisley print on a pastel pink background!

Pretty In Pink

Pretty in Pink fabric collar, need I say more?

Limited Availability

Preppy Navy & Green Damask

Show your preppy style as your pet proudly wears this bright green and navy damask print.

Limited Availability

Purple Blossoms

Simple black and white flower blossoms this cute purple background collar.

Limited Availability

Purple Multicolored Circles

Multi colored circles on a dark purple background, makes a great collar for your rescued friend.

Limited Availability

Purple Stars

White mini stars swirl on a purple background, making a great fabric collar for all those rescue pups and those that like purple.

Purple Batik

Show your support for your rescued friend with this purple and black batik collar.

Purple Marble Sparkle

Your furry friend will sparkle with excitement wearing this marbled purple collar with a hint of silver sparkle.

Purple Swirl

For your furry friend who prefers to be less sparkling try this marbled purple swirl collar.

Red Bandana

A classic look for your furry friend in this realistic red bandana fabric collar.

Sunken Pirates

Are you looking for a sunken treasure or just trying to keep up with the pirate theme with this pirate skeleton look on a black background?

Sunny Florals

This fabric collar will brighten your day with its whimsical flowers in bright oranges, pinks and blues on a sunny yellow background.

Yellow Butterflies

Brightly colored abstract butterflies adorn this bright yellow fabric collar.

Limited Availability


Nothing says welcome like a pineapple. Let your pooch show your welcome with these pineapples on a blue background.

Turquoise Bandana

This is a typical bandana print in a turquoise color.

Limited Availability

Pink/Blue Batik

Every collar will be different with the marbling of this batik

Navy Ice Cream Cones

Various ice cream novelties on a blue background, great for the summer!

Navy Daisies

Beautiful daisies on a navy background make this a perfect collar for fall or everyday!

Purple Bandana

This is a bandana print in purple, making it a great choice for your rescue pup or any furbaby.

Purple Swirling Dots

Purple & Black Check

This mini black & purple check creates a very striking collar.

Purple Plaid

If you like plaid and the color purple, then this is the fabric for you!

Lavender Marble

This is a great light colored lavender for those that prefer a more subtle look.


Blueberries all over is a great choice for any pup named Blueberry or whatever you named your pup!

Rainbow Swirls

This is a favorite of mine because of the brightly colored swirls on the navy background that looks great on any pup!


This blue and green paisley print is appropriately named after the pup that inspired this fabric!


This fabric is perfect fo the summer with all the yummy looking popsicles on the black background.

Grill TIme

Everything you need for grilling is on this fabric.

Pink Yellow Floral

Allover mini pink daisies with yellow centers fill the background of this fabric, making it a great choice for a collar.

Pink Bandana

This is a great bandana print in a bright pink color.

Bright Pink Camo

Brown & Pink Paisley

Mini pink and turquoise paisleys swirl on a dark brown background.


This abstract pink floral is named for my future granddaughter because it was the next pink fabric i purchased after finding out I was going to be a grandmother!

Pale Pink Camo

Limited Availability

Navy Pink Paisley

Pink and green paisleys are scattered on a dark navy background.

Limited Availability

Red Damask

This is a beautiful damask print in bright red and white..

Red Swirls

Abstract white swirls randomly adorn this deep red background.

Random Red Dots

Irregular white dots create this random polka dot print on a deep red background.

Luscious Red

Monochromatic reds create floral vines on a variegated red background.

Red Swirl Dots

MIni dots in a lighter red swirl around a darker red background.

Lounging Frogs

Whimsical frogs are lounging in a pond of bright orange water.

Nuts & Bolts

A perfect choice for the carpenter, mechanic and handyperson in your life. This bright orange fabric has white, grey, and yellow nuts & bolts randomly scattered on the background.

Flower Power

Psychedelic flowers and circles float on an orange background make a one of a kind collar.


Ladybugs are flying from leaf to leaf on a green background.

Longaberger Ladybugs

Mini ladybugs fly around mini daisies on a green background!

Orange Tropical

Orange and yellow tropical flowers will get you pet ready for a trip to the tropics or even a staycation!

Orange Camo

This fabric is a mini version of camouflage in orange and yellow.

Orange Yellow Blossoms

These pale yellow blossoms pop on the orange background, making you feel Spring is right around the corner.

Orange Marble

Looking for bright color to make your furry friend noticeable, here's your answer.

Orange & Yellow

This pale orange and yellow paisley has a nice Vera feel to it!


Looking for something different? These white moustaches on a red background maybe your answer!

Red Scallops

Dark red scallops on a red background make for a nice red mermaid look!

Irregular Pink Dots

Irregular white polka dots are randomly scattered on a pink background.

Pink Squares

Peach and pink geometric squares fill in this bright pink background.

Pink Feathers

Abstract feathers in pastel pinks on a bright pink background are perfect for those that love pink!


Monochromatic pinks create an allover floral design and a beautiful collar!

Geometric Pink & Yellow

Varying shade of pink and yellow create a beautiful geometric design.

Pink Chevron

Two shade of pink form a fantastic chevron pattern.

Pink Swirl Dots

MIni dots in a lighter pink swirl around a darker pink background.

Mini Pink Hearts

Rows of dark pink hearts make a lovely collar with a bright pink background!

Blue Green Madras

Blues and greens woven together make a great madras plaid

Cowboy Boots

Perfect for a little bit of country, these cowboy themed motifs stand out on a light blue background!

Peacock & Green Paisleys

Bright green paisley motifs swirl on a vibrant peacock blue background!

Teal Daisies

White daisies bloom all over an aqua teal background creating a fresh happy look for your furry friend!

Mini Cupcakes

Who loves cupcakes or has a furry friend named Cupcake? now here's a fabric for you!


Who's up for a game of dominoes?

Butterfly Batik

Beautiful gold butterflies fly around a darker blue batik.

Gold Geometric on Pink

Metallic gold geometric designs decorate this bright marbled pink background.

CIrcles on Red

Abstract circles of reds, pinks, greys and whites are randomly spaced on a red background.

Pink Green Starburst

White and bright green starbursts accent this marbled bright pink background.

Pink Silver Sparkle

This bright pink marbled background is enhanced with silver sparkles throughout.

Brown & Teal Paisley

Green and blue paisleys on this fabric create a classic look on this fabric collar.

Light Blue Paisley

White paisleys on this wedgewood fabric create a classic look on this fabric collar.

Limited Availability

Black & Gold Harlequin

White and metallic gold diamonds on a black background make a great look.

Black, Red & Blue Harlequin

Black, red and white diamonds on a white background make a great look.


Your yellow feathered friend is ready for some baseball! What's better for baseball season???

If Mickey Mouse is your favorite, email me for some limited styles I have, as well as, Spiderman and Star Wars!

Pink Scattered Colored Dots

Multi colored dots are scattered on a bright pink background

My beautiful Pink, modeling Pretty in Pink at OCNJ!

Cozie posing for the camera.

Brinkli in high fashion in her Flower Power collar.

Custom Pink Daisy martingale with flower

Another Happy Pupper



Hockey equipment, pucks and trophies are tossed all over a blue background, just like my basement after my son's hockey games!

Ask me how I can customize a collar for your favorite NHL Team!!


Realistic footballs completely cover this fabric collar, preparing your pet for a fantastic football season!

Ask me how I can customize a collar for your favorite NFL Team!!

Penn State Bandana

Show your support as your pet sports the latest Penn State bandana fabric!

Ask me how I can customize a collar for your favorite Collegiate Team!!

Red Baseballs

Show off your love for America's favorite pastime of baseball or like me, your love of the Phillies, in this classic red baseball fabric collar!

Ask me how I can customize this for your favorite MLB Team!!


Basketballs all over is perfect for the season!

Ask me how I can customize a collar for your favorite NBA Team!!

Sports Balls

Do you love sports? Let your furry friend display your passion for competition by sporting this fabric collar depicting a variety of sports balls.

Navy Baseballs

Show your support to America's favorite pastime as your furry friend sports these baseballs on a navy background.


Bowling pins and balls all over a collar will certainly make a strike in any fan's hand!

Black Lacrosse

Navy Lacrosse

Field Hockey

Table Tennis

Golf Greens

Golf Balls

White Tennis Balls

Green Tennis Balls

Black Soccer

Red Soccer Balls

Tie Dye Soccer Balls

White Soccer Balls

Sports Puppies

Custom Football Collars

Golf Green Collar

Custom collegiate collar